Follow Rayne Scott as she unravels her past and the secrets of her present in this 3 book series.
"Outcry" to be released in Spring 2014.
Rayne Scott is a 25 year old waitress in a small town outside of Seattle Washington, living on her own and just trying to make ends meet. She thinks she has life all figured out after a rough childhood of battling leukemia and wants to get away from the painful memories that haunt her. 4 years after her mothers death, from the same disease that she'd overcome so long ago, her world is turned upside down when her apartment is broken into and confusingly enough, nothing is stolen. It gets worse when it happens again, this time where she works. What is this person looking for and Who is this beautiful stranger that shows up at her door, wanting to help? What does all of it have to do with her late grandfather?

Follow Rayne every step of the way on her dangerous journey as she solves the mystery and finds out what is really going on. Can she get away from the magnificent face that assists her? Can she do it with her heart in tact?
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